The program is offering a perfect solution to the three main requirements for a password manager:
  • Easy to save a new entry, with as few clicks as possible
  • Easy to find a entry by using a quick search feature
  • Security, security, security

Here is how we address those challenges:

1. Easily save a new entry

With one mouse click you open the application. With a right click on the desired category you have already reached the option to add a new entry and here you are, a small form is displayed where you can start typing your new title, user name, password and eventual notes.

Simpler cannot be.

Easy to add a new entry

Fill the information you need to remember this entry

2. Quickly accessible entry

With one mouse click you open the application. At this moment the
prompter is already in the search field and you can just start typing the
keyword you are searching for. Faster cannot be.

Fill the information you need to remember this entry

3. Trustworthy Security measures

When we designed this program, security was our main concern. We took the latest encryption technology available and designed a strong private key generator. When you will see how your data file is secured you will have no concerns about the security of you passwords at all.

Here are some of the security-related measures we implemented:

  • The access to your datafile is protected by a combination of a password and a key file saved on your PC
  • The private key generation is based on unique data you input by randomly moving the mouse for a few seconds in a special area. The program is recording the coordinates of the points where you moved the mouse and use this as a basis to generate the private key. Additionally you are prompted to enter a random text in a text field. This will be also used to assure the uniqueness of your private key. It is hard to imagine a method for this key to be reproduced somewhere else. Not even you will ever be able to reproduce it.
  • There is a clipboard control mechanism which does not allow other programs to access data within. You have here different options like deleting the clipboard content after x seconds or after one paste operation.

4. You can take the data file with you.

A tipical usage scenario is when you have two computers, say the home PC and the office PC and you would like to be able to read and update your passwords on both places.

Here is how you can do that without compromising the security:

  • create a datafile, a strong and unique key file and a strong master password
  • save the key file on both PCs.
  • save the datafile on a portable media like a USB stick.
  • you have to memorize only the master password

No matters on which PC you are working, if you need a password you just open the program, choose the datafile (the location can be automatically remembered if you like), choose the key file and enter the master password.

The app is impressively solid and easy to operate and includes a highly competent password generator which assures unique and complex passwords each time it is used.
Benefit from easy one-click access to your online accounts and save time by enjoying one click access to easily fill forms.

One of best features of the PassMem is Security – enhanced password edit controls. Our tests show that controls used in
PassMem are well protected against any current available password edit control spies. PassMem doesn’t make passwords managed with those controls observable even in the process memory of the application.
The perfect tool to keep your data safe whether for corporate purposes or simply for individual use!

5. Go mobile…

What if you could always have your passwords with you, again without compromising the security?
With the mobile version of the PassMem you can afford this “luxury”.
PassMem Mobile will work on every Java enabled mobile phone or PDA, will use a tiny piece of resources and will provide you all functions you need to manage your passwords, IDs, PINs, TANs, etc.

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